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Hang tough on casino repeal referendum

Apparently, the number of Massachusetts voters willing to accept casinos has grown from 37 percent to 53 percent, that according to a Boston Herald poll.  I had even begun to think that, well, if Springfield needs jobs and wants casinos, … Continue reading

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Patrick vetoes raise questions

What is Deval Patrick is thinking  these days? Other than his campaigning for President Obama, of course.   At issue are the Governor’s support of loosening a ban on gifts to doctors from pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers and his move to … Continue reading

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Lesson of DiMasi: we can’t always bet on the character of those who lead us

If there’s one thing to be learned from the sad demise of former House Speaker Sal DiMasi, it’s the need for transparency, doing the people’s business in the people view. If there’s one place it should be applied immediately, it’s … Continue reading

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Municipal health costs solution may be within sight

Finally, some of our traditionally intimidated politicians are showing a bit of common sense on the issue of excessive health benefits for local public workers unions. We’re not there yet, but we’re moving in the right direction. The problem is … Continue reading

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