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Washington artful dodgers postpone responsibility

Don’t believe the hype: Ted Cruz and Tea Partiers weren’t big losers. Most other people were. The recent partial shut-down and near default of the US government led by rogue  deficit hawks cost American taxpayers at least $24 billion (according … Continue reading

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Sequester brings crisis fatigue

Scream! Make that, primal scream!! Washington’s failure to deal with the sequester before it kicked in is just the latest in a series of failed attempts to deal responsibly with federal deficit and budget issues.  So bad are the constant … Continue reading

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Cong. Mike Capuano, a liberal and proud of it

Mike Capuano is not apologetic about his belief in government. He doesn’t try to  cast himself as a progressive or any other adjective that cloaks his unabashed liberalism as anything other than what it is- an admiration for what government, … Continue reading

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