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Recovery is slow, Rx uncertain

Critics of my blogs may be delighted to know that my operating system was corrupted, and I have been without a computer for two weeks. It was a most peculiar time to be silenced.  Hallelujah, the tech crisis is over. But the … Continue reading

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Mickey Edwards: a thoughtful conservative faults Ryan on Trump

No one has better conservative creds than former eight-term Congressman Mickey Edwards, who represented Oklahoma in the House from 1977-1993.  A member of the Republican leadership, he chaired the Republican Policy Committee, and was a founding member of the Heritage Foundation and … Continue reading

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On immigration, who’s the turkey this Thanksgiving?

We don’t need a Rockwell painting to remind us that Thanksgiving is all about those who came to this nation as immigrants.  Everyone,  of course, except the Native Americans.  The Pilgrims came to escape religious persecution. My great grandparents did … Continue reading

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What’s in your wallet? Can you say Governor Alec Baldwin?

Ronald Reagan. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Clint Eastwood. Sonny Bono, Al Franken.  All actor/ entertainers who won roles as politicians in real life. Now here comes Alec Baldwin.  His MSNBC show , Up Late, which debuts tonight, may be the next step in … Continue reading

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Barney Frank’s back to his old self, provocative and, this time, unsettling

It was vintage Barney Frank at last Friday’s meeting of the New England Council. He was savagely funny, insightful, acerbic and provocative. This was particularly true when he discussed the federal deficit and lifting the debt ceiling, the deadline for … Continue reading

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