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Eight-vote landslide boosts Romney’s front-runner status

Thank goodness for the Presidential race filling the vacuum created by a New England Patriots bye week. Waiting until 2:30 in the morning for Romney’s 8 point Iowa caucus margin of victory was a bit much however. Iowa starts the … Continue reading

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Rick Perry’s lapse evokes sympathy more than ridicule

Anyone who has read this blog over the past year knows I am no fan of Rick Perry. But there’s no way I would delight in what he experienced in Wednesday’s Republican debate when he forgot that the third agency … Continue reading

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Romney still on top after Republican GOP debate

No one really laid a glove on him in the New Hampshire roundtable “debate” Tuesday night. Mitt Romney looked Presidential. He had the right balance of certitude and affability. He was confident but not angry. After years of flip-flopping, and … Continue reading

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Finding nuanced solutions to illegal immigration

It’s amazing that illegal immigration has become such a hot-button issue  even where the population of undocumented workers is negligible. In Alabama, where about 3.5 percent of the population is foreign-born, a harsh new immigration law has caused many in … Continue reading

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Rick Perry: time to fact-check the "Texas Miracle"

Driving down to Cohasset for a party celebrating Polly Logan, the 85 year old progressive-minded grande dame and happy warrior of Massachusetts Republican politics, on the same day as the Iowa Straw Poll, my husband and I talked about how … Continue reading

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The other Tea Party Perry

Dallas, TX-  Eyes in Massachusetts are on Tea Party candidate, former  police officer, Jeff Perry, who is giving Democrat Bill Keating a run for his money in the 10th Congressional district.  There’s another Perry in Texas, also trying to capitalize … Continue reading

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