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Lesson for Bush in Dukakis

Jeb Bush put his foot in it last week when explaining his aspirations for improving the economy.  His assertion that “people need to work longer hours” continues to prompt outrage. Even looking at it in context doesn’t help much – “My … Continue reading

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Obama held hostage on the budget, displaying Stockholm syndrome?

Stockholm syndrome describes what happens when someone taken hostage develops positive feelings for his captors. Barack Obama has been held hostage by the Republicans in Congress and in some ways is beginning to emulate them. Cut the deficit, slash fuel … Continue reading

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On taxes, Obama never delivered the right message

In the wake of a proposed tax package deal, there’s plenty of finger-pointing, especially by Democrats, about how Obama caved to the Republicans on tax cuts for the rich. There’s even whispering about mounting a liberal Democratic presidential candidacy against … Continue reading

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