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Political lessons from the New England Patriots

Set aside the friendships between Donald Trump and New England Patriots MVP quarterback Tom Brady, or coach Bill Belichick or owner Bob Kraft (who, as a young man, stood with his late wife as leading progressive Democrats), there’s still plenty of inspiration to be found in … Continue reading

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Tom Brady weasels out on important issue

Tom Brady, who can execute with finesse virtually any move a quarterback could dream of, apparently can’t make the most basic of all moves, standing up and taking a position against domestic abuse.  Asked in his weekly WEEI interview about … Continue reading

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Tom Brady’s punishment – Oh, nooooo

I long ago gave up my belief in the Easter bunny. (The rabbits who regularly destroy my garden took care of that.) Santa Claus is a relic of a decades-past childhood. But now, harsh reality demands that I can no … Continue reading

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Deflate-gate calls for willing suspension of disbelief

To enjoy the performance at the movies and in theater, audience members often have to suspend their connection with reality.  So, too, with another form of entertainment, professional football.  Is it really possible that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, legendary masters … Continue reading

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Myra Kraft, a grand and grounded lady

Back on January 14, 2006, after winning three successive Superbowls, the New England Patriots lost the AFC Divisional playoff to Denver by a score of 27 to 13. For days most New England fans felt depressed, hung over, a knot … Continue reading

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Headline wishes for 2011

My colleague Tom Waseleski, editorial page editor of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, always prepares for New Year’s Day an aspirational list of headlines from which we could all benefit. Here, with my own imprint, are the headlines I’d like to see … Continue reading

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Making Head Start Kids Part of the Brady Bunch

Tom Brady has a head start on a wonderful life.  He has the golden touch. But why couldn’t he also give a head start to the program by that name? Monday’s Boston Herald had an interesting juxtaposition, a story about a … Continue reading

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