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Gonzalez brings liberal gubernatorial campaign to Newton

The nickname for any Massachusetts Secretary of Administration and Finance is “Deputy Governor.”  Jay Gonzalez, A & F Secretary under Governor Deval Patrick, wants to remove the “deputy.”   He’s working hard to defeat lifelong activist and minister Bob Massie in … Continue reading

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Candidates mislead voters on trade

All three presidential candidates are pandering to voters on trade rather than educating them to the complexity of the issue. Demagoguing it, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders simplistically blame trade pacts for disappearing jobs and dimmed future prospects. Back in 2012,  Hillary … Continue reading

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Jeb Bush – for now, more appealing than appalling

Years ago, Barbara Bush is said to have commented that son Jeb was the best politician in the family. That’s the side of the former Florida governor that I saw in New Hampshire on Friday morning at the Institute of … Continue reading

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Charlie Baker: charm, practicality and reassurance

The question during the 2014 gubernatorial campaign was often “Will the real Charlie Baker please stand up?”  Today, Governor Baker stood before a meeting of the New England Council, the real Charlie Baker, the one I knew from his days … Continue reading

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Ideological purity no help to the body politic

Most of us probably find ourselves somewhere around the center of contemporary political thought, whether it’s to the right of center or left of center. Our movement in elections often determine outcomes, and we’re usually out of touch with outliers in … Continue reading

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Globe food editor Gail Perrin and her link to Peter Frates

Two trumpets, a horn, a euphonium and a tuba, a brass quintet performing the music for Saturday’s memorial for the late Boston Globe food writer and editor Gail Perrin. The music was loud, bold, brassy and confident: how very Gail … Continue reading

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John Tierney regains his stride

Times have changed for Sixth district Congressman John Tierney, and things are looking good.  This, though he faces a rerun of the 2012 challenge from Republican Richard Tisei and, in the September primary, four challengers within his own party.  Tierney went through … Continue reading

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Military moves (slowly) on sexual assault

Reports of rape and sexual assault were up 50 percent last year, according to a Pentagon study released on Thursday.  What’s unclear is whether that reflects more reporting or more assaults.  And what of the record in bringing justice to … Continue reading

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Marty Walsh paints the big picture

If Boston Mayor Marty Walsh can avoid giving away the store in the next rounds of union negotiations,  he’ll save some money to help fund some of his promised initiatives. He avoided discussion of the challenge of union money demands this morning when he laid out his vision to … Continue reading

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Cardinal charms New England Council

Women have always played an important role in service to the community and to the Catholic Church. They are at the helm in various Catholic hospital systems, universities and  foundations. The great unanswered question for many women is whether they will ever … Continue reading

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