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Impeachment: these truths should be self-evident

Watching the impeachment trial, waiting for the Senate decision on relevant witnesses versus brazen cover-up,  I keep thinking about three ridiculous arguments made by President Trump’s defenders and echoed incessantly on Fox and its spillover social media and blogosphere.  I … Continue reading

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Trump, Clinton “revelations” show nothing new

Last night’s video of Donald Trump, showing lewd behavior, coarse language, gutter-level attitude toward women and boasts of Bill Cosby-like predatory actions, shows nothing new about this extreme misogynist. Perhaps the video shocks because it so starkly portrays his fundamental character writ large. … Continue reading

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Pence wins on looks; Kaine, on facts

The Vice Presidential debate never matters much in the selection of our Chief Executive. Given what’s at stake in choosing between the Democrat and Republican Presidential nominees, it perhaps matters  even less this year.  But at least for a few days, … Continue reading

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