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Deval Patrick: too little, too late or a ray of sunshine?

There is no better campaigner than Deval Patrick. He’s charismatic, warm, visionary and inspirational.  He appeals to our better sides, and has the kind of personality that really could help to heal the searing wounds of division. That he is … Continue reading

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America celebrates – despite Trump

Welcoming summer’s glories with friends in Ogunquit, listening languidly to waves lapping the rock-strewn sandy beach, long walks on the Marginal Way, lobster and steamers – life’s pleasures endure, despite the despicable political environment. Our nation’s birthday is still a … Continue reading

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Will Newtown be any different?

How many times after a tragic shooting have we heard politicians say, in the guise of respect for the victims. “this isn’t the time” to talk about gun control.   White House spokesman Jay Carney used the same language on Friday.  “There … Continue reading

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Murdoch, Bloomberg call for GOP to have courage on immigration

News Corp chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg came to Boston Tuesday to hail immigrants’ contributions to our economic vitality.  Touting the findings of a report by the Partnership for a New American Economy, the two … Continue reading

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Colorado shooting scares, saddens and stymies us

Shouting fire in a crowded theater is a terrible thing to do. Opening fire is a horror of a whole order of magnitude. Most of America is struggling to make sense out of 24-year-old neuroscience student James Holmes’ rampage, which so far has … Continue reading

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Bloomberg is for marijuana and against sugary drinks

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg yesterday urged the decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana.  This follows on the heels of last week’s move to ban the sale of sugary drinks in cups exceeding 16 ounces.  At first, this looks contradictory: pot’s … Continue reading

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Susan Komen Foundation blunder makes it a net loser

The Susan G. Komen Foundation’s move to eliminate its financial support of Planned Parenthood is a real losing proposition, for the people being served and for the organization’s reputation. Planned Parenthood was threatened with the loss of nearly $700,000 to … Continue reading

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