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Markey tops Kennedy in 4th district debate

Last week’s WGBH debate between Senator Ed Markey and challenger Congressman Joe Kennedy took me back to August, 1979.  Joe Kennedy’s uncle Ted was about to challenge fellow Democrat and incumbent Jimmy Carter for the Presidency.  Seasoned CBS News correspondent … Continue reading

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Sal DiMasi doesn’t deserve death sentence

Former Massachusetts House Speaker Sal DiMasi used his office to enrich himself to the tune of $65,000, securing a state contract for Cognos, which paid him on a monthly basis for his efforts. The third House Speaker in a row … Continue reading

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Coakley v. Baker – almost a yawn

Tonight’s televised benign if mildly tense debate between Charlie Baker and Martha Coakley was clearly a draw, which may have been the defensive  objective of all concerned. Comfortably  moderated by WGBH talk show hosts Jim Braude and Margery Eagan, both candidates … Continue reading

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Does moral turpitude negate high art or sports accomplishment?

No mistake about it.  Woody Allen’s latest movie, Blue Jasmine, was deserving of  an Oscar nomination, especially for Cate Blanchett’s performance.  Allen also recently won lifetime achievement recognition in the Golden Globes. This is more troubling. Allen is prolific and creative, but … Continue reading

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Judges still look the other way in drunk driving fatalities

I still remember writing about the deaths in the early eighties of a Hyde Park family of four killed in a car crash caused by a drunk driver.  The shock of that tragedy seemed to jolt people into taking drunk driving more seriously.  … Continue reading

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Boston Herald struts its stuff – to good effect

It used to be a little awkward when people I know would question why I read the Boston Herald, (along with the Globe, the New York Times, the Wall St. Journal and more.) The quality was often a real question … Continue reading

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Will the Santorum-i-zation of Scott Brown work in Massachusetts?

A new Suffolk University/Channel 7 poll puts Senator Scott Brown nine points ahead of Democratic challenger Elizabeth Brown. But what will be the impact on the Massachusetts electorate of his recent effort to emulate Rick Santorum in the debate about … Continue reading

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