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Observations on state primary 2014

The Y chromosome was in short supply among top winners in yesterday’s primary.  The result is that party candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, state treasurer, attorney general and, in my home county, district attorney and governor’s council, are all women.  (So, too, … Continue reading

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John Tierney: snatching victory from the jaws of defeat

Just as the Boston Herald was unable to sway voters with  obsessively demeaning Elizabeth Warren as an affirmative action princess “Fauxcohontas,”  so too did the Boston Globe fail to run John Tierney out of office, using barrels and barrels of ink … Continue reading

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Kennedy versus Bielat in only televised debate

Fourth congressional district candidates Sean Bielat (R) and Joe Kennedy III (D) finally met in their only televised debate, on Channel 5’s On the Record.  It’s hard to know how many viewers they had, but it’s easy to see how foolish  Joe … Continue reading

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Tierney v. Tisei: Time to focus on the issues

Last Tuesday, Congressman John Tierney did what he should have done many months ago.  He held a press conference and faced questions about what he knew and when he knew it regarding his brother-in-laws’ illegal activities.  For Tierney, there were no … Continue reading

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All in the Family: Can Sleazy Aunt Betty and Crooked Brother-in-law Bob wreck a political career?

Life is complicated, and family relationships make it all the more so, especially if you’re in the business of politics. The impact goes both ways, from long-suffering spouses standing bravely by a pol who has done wrong, to the politicians … Continue reading

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Redistricting makes Democrats work harder

Incumbent politicians like things just as they are. It’s comfortable. And it affords voters the opportunity to have their representatives build up the kind of seniority in Congress that leads to enhanced power on the national scene. But, as with … Continue reading

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John Tierney faces new campaign challenge

Suddenly there’s breath on the mirror for Bill Hudak’s congressional campaign against John Tierney. How much is not yet clear. Tierney’s wife, Patrice, pled guilty yesterday to federal charges, four counts of aiding and abetting the filing of false tax … Continue reading

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Thirsting for Leadership on the Economy

I am not an economist, nor do I play one on TV. I am struggling along with others to understand all the moving – and not moving – parts. And I am yearning for President Obama to outline a bold … Continue reading

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