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Getting around Trump obtuseness on climate

First, President Trump is wrong on the facts. The Paris Accords did not treat the United States unfairly.  Under the agreement, targets for greenhouses gases are voluntary, and every country can change how it will alter its plans for controlling … Continue reading

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Moving off ambivalence on Syria

Like so many, I have been struggling with the Syrian dilemma of strike/no strike, reflected in my previous blog .  Congressman John Tierney, speaking to the New England Council yesterday morning, spoke of his own struggle to “do the right thing.”  Sen. Ed … Continue reading

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Kerry shares world view with editorialists

“Our credibility in one place affects our credibility in another,” Secretary of State John Kerry told about 20 members of the Association of Opinion Journalists in a briefing Monday at the State Department. Syria’s use of sarin gas “is a … Continue reading

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Boston Olympic bid a silly diversion

Score Boston Mayor Tom Menino:1; Boston Globe:0  on the proposal to bring the Olympics to Boston in 2024.  Opined an editorial, a chance to host the Olympics is “too rare to pass up without further consideration.”  Really? As the Mayor restated … Continue reading

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Frankly, Barney’s best for interim senator

Wanted: Smart, courageous,  savvy individual for temporary posting. Location: United States Senate. Experience: track record of experience in complicated political settings with record of success in achieving goals.  Education: longtime immersion in complicated policy challenges with particular expertise in military … Continue reading

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Kerry’s the man, at least for State

I don’t doubt it. Senator John Kerry could be a close to perfect  Secretary of State.  All aspects of his life have prepared him for the job, save for running a large bureaucracy.  UN Ambassador Susan Rice has been touted as the President’s … Continue reading

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Will Obama’s different world view win him another term?

They say a candidate campaigns with poetry but, if elected, governs with prose.  Last night’s speech by Barack Obama, despite some soaring moments, reflected the gravitas he has developed in nearly four years in office.  The idea that our path … Continue reading

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Niki Tsongas builds bipartisanship, one small step at a time

Three-term 5th district Congresswoman Niki Tsongas marches to a slightly different drummer than her colleague Mike Capuano, the subject of yesterday’s blog posting.  Her rhythm is not a march exactly, more a step-by-step piecing together of small scale bipartisan initiatives in an … Continue reading

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Setti Warren leaps into the U.S. Senate race

Newton Mayor Setti Warren announced yesterday he was running for Scott Brown’s seat in the U.S. Senate. If you look at his video announcement , he comes across as just the kind of person who should represent the Commonwealth in D.C. … Continue reading

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Obama’s energy speech: time to walk the walk

President Obama this week laid out a plan to cut dependence on foreign oil by 2025. Forty years ago, Richard Nixon also promised to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. At the time about 34 percent of our oil was … Continue reading

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