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President Trump little changed from candidate Trump

The newly elected president of Gambia had to be sworn in in Senegal, and Senegalese and other African military may be needed to force Gambia’s despotic president to relinquish power he’s held for 22 years. It was quite a contrast to events at the same time … Continue reading

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Governor Baker: can he be a compassionate fiscal manager?

The late Governor Mario Cuomo, a stirring orator, told the once significant The New Republic in 1985, “You campaign in poetry. You govern in prose”  In a clear break from his predecessor Deval Patrick,  Governor Charlie Baker may never deliver soaring … Continue reading

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Governor Deval Patrick is nothing if not a good speaker, and his inaugural address today was no exception. It was sobering, as appropriate to the times, yet inspiring, as appropriate to the occasion. He touched on, but didn’t wallow in … Continue reading

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