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Tim Cahill’s Independent Candidacy: Neither Here Nor There

Tim Cahill appears to be a nice guy with a pleasant sense of humor. Over time he has become more relaxed and articulate in his public presentations, but when he speaks—and when he answers questions– he skims the surface of topics, offering … Continue reading

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Scott Brown – All squirrely on health reform

Name a position on health reform, and Scott Brown has taken it. As a state senator, he voted for the Massachusetts health reform law, which became the model for the federal law. Yet he rode to Washington on a pledge … Continue reading

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Winners and Losers from Health Reform Summit — (posted late due to 2-day Comcast outage)

Seven hours of discussion at Thursday’s health summit did produce some winners and losers on both sides of the table. The Republicans were winners because they were able to present themselves as having ideas, rather than just being naysayers. They … Continue reading

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Talking the Talk

If Congress tries to ram the Senate health bill through the House to avoid another Senate vote, there will be blood that will stain the rest of the Obama agenda and spill over into the congressional elections. President Obama said … Continue reading

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Health Reform Surprise Benefit for Nurses

There’s a surprise benefit expected to come out of the pending health reform legislation, and it has received little if any attention in the public debate. Congress is seeing fit to do something about the nursing shortage. Both House and … Continue reading

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