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Staying connected with the world

15 years ago the Atlantic Rim Network hosted a symposium here on the dangers of the decline of international news coverage and the importance of making world events relevant to parochial audiences.  It was January 1999. One participant, a CBS news producer, … Continue reading

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The Greek election matters to us

Forget Romney and Obama for now.  The greatest immediate impact on the U.S. economy, beyond the control of either nominee, could be what happens Sunday in the Greek run-off election.  On that day, millions of Greek voters will choose from among … Continue reading

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GlobalPost.com brings the world a lot closer

Last night, Boston-based web site globalpost.com partnered with WGBH’s Frontline program to document the youth movement that fueled the ouster of Egypt’s longtime president Hosni Mubarak. Half the program explored The Muslim Brotherhood, in a far more nuanced way than … Continue reading

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