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Suffolk trustees botch the job

Suffolk University board members should be ashamed of  themselves. They are passing up the chance to put the school back on the map as a proud and storied urban university and a meaningful player in greater Boston’s civic life. Its inbred … Continue reading

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Rosenberg’s partner makes mess for incoming Senate president

It’s not the same story as Steve “Hot Buns” Gobie  undermining the reputation of Congressman Barney Frank. That 1985 scandal involved Gobie’s illegal prostitution activity based in Frank’s apartment, of which the Congressman was ignorant.  But it was also a liaison just before … Continue reading

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Kevin White: the mayor who wanted more

No matter how much he accomplished, the late Boston Mayor Kevin White always wanted something more. His legacy is huge, from having kept the city from going up in flames following the Martin Luther King assassination, to continuing dramatically the … Continue reading

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