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Fiscal cliff deal a puny effort

That clanking sound you hear is that of the proverbial can getting kicked down the road.  That can is the much-needed solution to the federal debt.  This week’s “solution” was not a solution at all. At least initially, the financial markets responded … Continue reading

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Hope for the future

Watching dysfunctional Washington is profoundly, naggingly depressing, leaving one having to work hard to count our blessings, of which there are assuredly many. Typically, those blessings are related to home, hearth and health, family and friends. Against the backdrop of … Continue reading

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McGovern urges return to politics of people skills

The wall of failed 1972 liberal Democratic presidential nominee George McGovern’s Washington office bore a photo of failed 1964 conservative Republican nominee Barry Goldwater with the inscription, “If you’re going to lose, lose big.”  Both lost in landslides, disagreed on … Continue reading

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