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Ann Coulter on soccer: a real head case

Ann Coulter must have been hit on the head by a soccer ball, and it was no planned header. Her recent column , a screed against the sport and America’s growing interest in it, seems unhinged. She asserts that this … Continue reading

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Bullpen cop not a picture-perfect image

Local writers (e.g., Dan Shaughnessy) have reveled in the image of Boston Police Officer Steve Horgan raising his arms in a celebratory pose as Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter fell over the bullpen wall chasing David Ortiz’ grand-slam homer.  It was … Continue reading

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John Henry gets new toy: Globe future still in question

I don’t know John Henry.  We’ve been introduced at fundraising events a couple of times; there was no extended conversation.  He seems very nice, if shy.  I have no reason to think he’ll ruin the Boston Globe, which he has just … Continue reading

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Aahhhh!!! the Red Sox

The Red Sox opening day victory……what could be better?  I posted the team’s first-place standing on my refrigerator, thinking it might all be downhill from there.  But I felt great. Never mind that the dreaded Yankees are broken old men.  … Continue reading

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Update: Column spurs community compassion

The power of a columnist is incontrovertible. Not long ago, Boston Globe columnist Brian McGrory  wrote a moving piece decrying the plight of Shirley Simmons, mother of the late Darryl Williams. Back in 1979, he was the innocent victim of … Continue reading

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