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Boston Globe delivery problems: the route to insanity

Brilliant Irish satirist Jonathan Swift was said to have loved individuals but loathed mankind.  Specifically, he wrote, “I hate and detest that animal called man, although I heartily love John, Peter, Thomas, and so forth.” In that spirit, I love … Continue reading

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John Henry gets new toy: Globe future still in question

I don’t know John Henry.  We’ve been introduced at fundraising events a couple of times; there was no extended conversation.  He seems very nice, if shy.  I have no reason to think he’ll ruin the Boston Globe, which he has just … Continue reading

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Update: Column spurs community compassion

The power of a columnist is incontrovertible. Not long ago, Boston Globe columnist Brian McGrory  wrote a moving piece decrying the plight of Shirley Simmons, mother of the late Darryl Williams. Back in 1979, he was the innocent victim of … Continue reading

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Red Sox are failing to provide much needed diversion from world events

The stock market is down over 500 points, violence is increasing in Afghanistan, North Korea seems poised to launch a rocket that could figure in its nuclear program, hate crimes in Florida and Oklahoma dominate headlines, spring gardens are threatened … Continue reading

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Charging Tim Cahill: too much or about time?

Most attorneys general don’t go after political corruption because acting against colleagues can translate into a dead end politically. But Martha Coakley has a new Public Integrity Division, a welcome addition. And she has the new 2009 ethics law, which … Continue reading

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Responding to the Darryl Williams Aftermath

Some stories never end, and too often the media let them drift from public consciousness. Not so, Brian McGrory. His moving column Wednesday  on the aftermath of the Darryl Williams shooting is a powerful reminder that some people just can’t … Continue reading

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MassInc shows how humor can bridge the political divide

The unidentified “they” have often said that Boston’s three favorite pastimes are sports, politics and revenge – and not necessarily in that order. Thursday night’s MassInc’s 15-year anniversary celebration at the Kennedy Library brought together media and pols to wallow … Continue reading

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