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Normalizing relations with Cuba: not so fast

Polls make it clear that the American public is way ahead of Congress in supporting normalization of relations and reopening trade with Cuba. But positive numbers from several polls  don’t mean that the normalization process will be easy or fast. That was unequivocally confirmed by Gonzalo … Continue reading

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Combatting ISIS: Seth Moulton on strategy and tactics

Just 119 days into his first term in Congress,  Salem’s Seth Moulton, who upset longtime incumbent John Tierney in the Democratic primary last fall, brought his distinct perspective to The New England Council for the first time.  He won, he … Continue reading

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Real life after the good ship Lollipop

Shirley Temple was three years old back in the 1930’s when she started her performance career. She achieved major league stardom between the ripe old ages of six and 11.  With her curly hair and twinkly eyes, she sang and … Continue reading

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Leading newspaper wimps out on editorial endorsements

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has announced it will no longer endorse political candidates, except in some rare undefined instances.  What a travesty!  Let’s face it.  A newspaper or television station’s endorsement of a candidate probably has little impact on how … Continue reading

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