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The Donald is crafty but dumb

Members of the media may finally be falling out of love with Donald Trump.  For months, they have been conduits for every outrageous hateful thing he has said, providing him millions of dollars worth of airtime for free because he has … Continue reading

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Iraq: Hell no, we shouldn’t go

President Obama said Friday the United States will not be sending American troops back into Iraq. That was firmer than his earlier comment that every possible response to the sectarian war was on the table.  The difference is a important.  Insanity, we are told, is … Continue reading

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Muslim community needs to be part of early warning system

It wasn’t enough to decimate the core of what was Al Qaeda in 2001.  The landscape in certain hospitable countries like Yemen and Syria is now dotted with Al Qaeda offshoots and affiliates.  And, for the last eight years, the home-grown … Continue reading

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