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Hillary v. Biden: getting real

When late CBS newsman Daniel Schorr was asked about his move from radio to television, he reportedly observed, “If you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made.”  It’s in that spirit, and mindful of her declining poll numbers, that Hillary … Continue reading

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Hillary makes it official

The suspense was non-existent. “If” Hillary would run again has been “when” for a very long time. “How” was all that remained to be revealed, and her strategy for announcing was an effective alternative to her 2008 entitled-to-win-it grand opening.  No big … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Warren: too much too soon?

Elizabeth Warren insists she is not running for President, most recently this past Sunday on Channel 5’s On the Record program. This is a good thing.  There’s been too much  bandwagon buzz about a possible Warren presidential candidacy, with even … Continue reading

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