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“This Town” captures a place and time

Tom Wolfe’s 1987 masterpiece Bonfire of the Vanities  captured the greed, class, ambition, and politics of Reagan era New York City. So, too, does Mark Leibovich’s This Town capture early  21st century Washington, D.C.  Bonfire, however, is fiction and This … Continue reading

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Obama and the politics of gay marriage

It would have been easier for Barack Obama to wait until after the election to announce that he thinks gays should have the right to marry.  He could have let people assume that V.P. Joe Biden’s and Education Secretary Arne … Continue reading

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Health Insurance Reform: The End of the Beginning

The course leading to the House vote on health insurance reform was clearly a case of winning ugly. We’ve all had an overdose of exposure to legislative sausage-making. But, in the end, the 219-to-212 vote was a huge step forward, … Continue reading

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Winners and Losers from Health Reform Summit — (posted late due to 2-day Comcast outage)

Seven hours of discussion at Thursday’s health summit did produce some winners and losers on both sides of the table. The Republicans were winners because they were able to present themselves as having ideas, rather than just being naysayers. They … Continue reading

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War in Afghanistan is a pact with the devil

News today that Afghan President Hamid Karzai has decided to handpick members of the election oversight commission, jettisoning participation by United Nations monitors, signals that, whenever the United States extricates itself from that war, the situation will go right back … Continue reading

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Talking the Talk

If Congress tries to ram the Senate health bill through the House to avoid another Senate vote, there will be blood that will stain the rest of the Obama agenda and spill over into the congressional elections. President Obama said … Continue reading

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Blue Massachusetts Sees Red?

The final polling results from Public Policy Polling in the U.S. Senate race show Scott Brown ahead of Martha Coakley by 51 percent to 46 percent, more comfortable than last week but still, it says, within its margin of error. … Continue reading

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