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Democratic race a battle of heart versus head

Bernie Sanders has given Democrats what they needed and what many wanted: a healthy debate on issues. Not just stock positions on this or that, because he and Hillary Clinton agree on most goals. His willingness to take on the presumptive nominee … Continue reading

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Dems debate hidden between football and Downton Abbey

You had to be a 32nd degree political junkie to find and watch the last Democratic debate before the Iowa caucuses. Thanks to Hillary godmother and DNC chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, last night’s Democratic debate had 7.8 million voters, about … Continue reading

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Dems debate: a well-kept secret

All three Democratic Presidential contenders were at the top of their games on Saturday night, but,  given the time slot the Democratic National Committee had agreed to, relatively few people saw them.  Early ratings indicate that only around eight  million viewers … Continue reading

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She’s ba-ack

Hillary Clinton is back, in large part because debate preparation matters. And she does it well.   The woman who has been dogged by questions about her failure to use separate servers for official and personal purposes and then waiting … Continue reading

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