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SCOTUS abortion decision absolutely right

It’s hard not to be elated by the Supreme Court’s five-to-three ruling today on the Texas abortion law H.B.2.  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said it all in her one paragraph concurring opinion. The law dictated that an abortion clinic needed … Continue reading

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Gun deaths: how many more before common sense kicks in?

Driving past Newtown, Connecticut this past weekend was a reminder of how virtually nothing has been accomplished since the slaughter of little children at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, Connecticut a year and a half ago.  The Stop Handgun Violence billboard … Continue reading

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Keep the buffer zone

WBUR cognoscenti contributor Joanne Barker got it right: Eleanor McCullen, anti-abortion plaintiff in the Supreme Court case challenging the 35-foot buffer zone around clinics offering abortions, isn’t typical of the individuals trying to deter patients from entering such facilities.  Claiming … Continue reading

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