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Final Kirby Perkins “A+” scholarship awards given

Kirby Perkins was a Channel 5 reporter with a breadth of interests who especially loved politics and sports. The station’s “High Five” series of profiles has long celebrated high school athletes. But Kirby thought that academic performance should be equally … Continue reading

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Kirby Perkins A+ scholarships distinguish WCVB-TV5

Shootings, muggings, fires, crashes, sports and weather–  all the stuff of local television.  Then there are the Kirby Perkins A+ scholarship segments. Kirby was a Channel 5 reporter who especially  loved politics and sports. The station’s “High Five” series had for … Continue reading

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WGBH ignores local classical music lovers

A Boston Business Journal headline last week piqued my interest:  “WGBH sending out strong signals.”  This was very exciting.  Was the station finally heeding the complaints of classical music lovers deprived of classical music when WCRB FM, which WGBH owns, … Continue reading

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Rick Perry’s lapse evokes sympathy more than ridicule

Anyone who has read this blog over the past year knows I am no fan of Rick Perry. But there’s no way I would delight in what he experienced in Wednesday’s Republican debate when he forgot that the third agency … Continue reading

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Kirby Perkins lives on in the A+ winners honored by WCVB-TV

Kirby Perkins was a great political reporter, a lot of fun and a good friend. He died of a heart attack 14 years ago at the shockingly young age of 49. While he rubbed elbows with every significant politician of … Continue reading

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Sean Bielat and moving the goal posts on immigration

When will increased border security be enough? For Republican Sean Bielat, that may be never. Bielat is the businessman and former Marine who wants to take over the 4th district seat held for three decades by Congressman Barney Frank. Emily Rooney asked him … Continue reading

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