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Will the Senate nuke itself?

Once upon a time, when students learned civics  in high school, we were taught that one of the  inspired decisions of  our Founding Fathers was the creation of a bicameral Congress with different yet complementary roles.   The House was closer … Continue reading

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Congress: a profile in cowardice

Will it take a Baltimore Orioles/Washington Nationals World Series to bring members of Congress back to Washington soon?  If so, it only highlights Congress’ cowardly unwillingness to exercise its Constitutional responsibility and vote on the ISIS war. This least productive, shortest session of … Continue reading

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Are Harry Reid’s questionable tactics working?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s most recent foray into presidential politics – claiming someone had told him that Mitt Romney had paid no taxes for ten years but refusing to corroborate the accuser’s name or the charge has the stench of McCarthyism.  During … Continue reading

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Obama’s energy speech: time to walk the walk

President Obama this week laid out a plan to cut dependence on foreign oil by 2025. Forty years ago, Richard Nixon also promised to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. At the time about 34 percent of our oil was … Continue reading

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Shattered dreams: No Dream Act for now

When I was eight years old, I knew my family, my neighbors and some of my elementary school classmates. I knew we lived in Boston, scarcely understood Massachusetts and had no sense of nations or nation-states. If my parents had … Continue reading

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Thinking big about energy with T. Boone Pickens

T. Boone Pickens has made nearly $1.5 billion as an oil man, financier, corporate raider, takeover artist, and hedge fund chairman. He’s been working since he was 12 years old, when he started delivering newspapers, and, at age 82, is … Continue reading

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Scott Brown is at once appealing, appalling and even a cause for optimism

Scott Brown drew a huge crowd to a New England Council breakfast this week. His speech was a reminder of the regular-guy appeal that won him the seat last January and the power he is currently relishing as the 41st … Continue reading

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