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Eric Cantor’s House of Cards falls

I always thought that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was the brat, the youngish sharp-elbowed, supercilious, conservative Congressman assumed to be John Boehner’s heir apparent as Speaker of the House. Bookish. Dogmatic. So determined was he to be the ideological antidote to … Continue reading

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New disaster insurance: don’t go.com

My husband, Jim Barron, and I have finally hit on a way to finance our eventual retirement. Let’s call it don’tgo.com. Here’s how it would work. If you’re worried about a pending natural disaster, or even a financial one, pay … Continue reading

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Partisan debt ceiling politics exasperating and dangerous

Former Senator Alan Simspon, a Wyoming Republican, just about summed up my reaction to the debt ceiling impasse. He said that the extent to which pettiness has overcome patriotism is nothing short of disgusting. Despite Republican longstanding charges about Obama’s … Continue reading

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