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Granite State results for real – finally

Remember when it seemed fairly certain that voters in November would have to choose between Clinton and Bush dynasties?  Over the last nine months, voter anger and dissatisfaction have laid waste to that aura of inevitability on both sides of the aisle. Among … Continue reading

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Suffolk trustees botch the job

Suffolk University board members should be ashamed of  themselves. They are passing up the chance to put the school back on the map as a proud and storied urban university and a meaningful player in greater Boston’s civic life. Its inbred … Continue reading

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Democratic race a battle of heart versus head

Bernie Sanders has given Democrats what they needed and what many wanted: a healthy debate on issues. Not just stock positions on this or that, because he and Hillary Clinton agree on most goals. His willingness to take on the presumptive nominee … Continue reading

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Fleeting impressions from Trumpless debate

Fox News may have missed Donald Trump. Its viewership was down to 11-13 million viewers, half what they got in the first debate last fall. (The Democrats’ debates have had only eight million viewers, thanks to DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s … Continue reading

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A fan’s lament

I feel as if I’ve been hit by a truck. Hung over, despite the fact that I had no alcoholic beverages yesterday or all of last week. The Patriots have let me down. Me. Personally. It was hard to get … Continue reading

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The milkman’s son rises to the top

Ed Markey’s 40+ year  political career has come a long way.  His biggest state legislative accomplishment (a bill eliminating part-time district attorneys) incurred the wrath of then-House Speaker Tommy McGee, who threw Markey off the Judiciary Committee and moved his desk into … Continue reading

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Baker: boring is good

Charlie Baker says that some folks think he is boring, and that’s fine, thank you very much.  The style of his State of the State speech confirms that assessment. His delivery, while polished, was flat, with monotonous pacing and few tonal … Continue reading

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